Naturally. Wine.

2014 – a year that will stay long time in our memory.

We had a vision in our heads: to grow authentic, naturally and exciting wines. Then we, two brothers from a family winery, Michael and Johannes Pasler, established our small and humble winery in 2015.

What was for us important? Nature and her cycles.

Great loving care, varying green-covers, fertilization with compost, extracts and teas and selected manual harvest are only small details from the act of a wine year. Why we do this? Of conviction.

Chickens, geese and ducks play a central role in our vision of the present wine growing and nature cycle. The animals bring a farm flair back in our idyllic wine village.

This attitude continues also in the cellar. Healthy, loose-berry grapes, long macerations and spontaneously fermentations accompany us still after the harvest. The wines storing with yeasts in oak barrels. In the ripe process we let the wine yourself and give them every freedom they need. The Results are authentic, finesserich wines, which provides excitement.

Minimum order 6 bottles
or 1 Gourmet Packet
free shipping from order value:
100 in AT or 120 in DE
Terms of sale and delivery
Terms of sale and delivery

Prices in Euro for final consumers, incl. all taxes.
Shipping within Austria and Germany by parcel service or carrier.
Minimum order 6 bottles (or 1 Gourmet Packet).

Packaging unit 6 or 12 bottles in a box.


06 Box: € 8,00
12 Box: € 10,00

06 Box: € 12,00
12 Box: € 15,00

Shipment to other countries by request. Shipping outside the EU is not possible.

Payable promptly after receipt of the invoice without deduction.
Jurisdiction is Neusiedl am See, Austria.

The goods remain our property until full payment.
If the ordered wine does not arrive within 2 weeks,
we ask for telephone communication!


Kalk & Schiefer weiß 2018

2018   0.75L   White Wine
€ 11.00

Alte Reben Welschriesling 2019

2019   0.75L   White Wine
€ 13.50

Satzer Graben Grauburgunder 2019

2019   0.75L   White Wine
€ 13.50

Lindauer Chardonnay 2018

2017   0.75L   White Wine
€ 13.50

Textura 2018

2018   0.75L   White Wine
€ 26.00

Hahn oder Henne 2019 Rosé AUSGETRUNKEN

2018   0.75L   Rosé
€ 8.00

Kalk & Schiefer rot 2019

2019   0.75L   Red Wine
€ 9.50

Joiser Dorflagen Blaufränkisch 2019

2019   0.75L   Red Wine
€ 13.00

Gritschenberg Blaufränkisch 2017

2017   0.75L   Red Wine
€ 25.00