BBQ & Wine
It's that time again: the barbecue season starts!
The myth to grill a beer has long ceased to be true - we have wine tips for the barbecue.

As an aperitif, our Frizzante or our Rosé Hahn or Henne are ideal. A light appetizer may also be served with it.

After that, the choice of wine depends on the food. If there is a steak or a roast from the grill, we recommend something full-bodied, red such as our Blaufränksich Gritschenberg. If this is too compact, our Blaufränkisch Joiser Hoflagen is suitable (especially on summer days).

For fish on the grill we recommend a classic Sauvignon blanc as a light accompaniment or our white single-vineyard wines for more complexity.

For salads and snacks in between, our classic white wines are suitable across the board (Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Gemischter Satz, Chardonnay, Gelber Musakteller and Sauvignon blanc).

Our conclusion: wine is a versatile food companion, which is precisely why it also goes perfectly with barbecues and should never be missing in the summer!
Asparagus & Wine
Suitable for the next asparagus season! So that the drink accompaniment fits, we have created a shortlist with tips for wine selection:
  • White wine: With rare exceptions, asparagus wines are white.
  • Dry: As a rule, asparagus wines should be dry.
  • Body: They need body (medium to full), but not too much alcohol
  • Maturity: Mostly wines with 2 - 3 years of maturity fit better than the current vintage
  • Acidity: The acidity must be elegantly integrated and fine
  • Aroma: Usually more neutral bouquets are advantageous - no botrytis!
  • Wood: A touch of wood only for special recipes (hollandaise, polonaise...)
We recommend our classic Sauvignon blanc and our Grauburgunder Graue Gans.
Wine is healthy
Polyphenols and flavonoids are contained in dissolved form in wine and have a natural positive and health-promoting effect.

They are also present in chocolate, pomegranate, green tea, chokeberry, walnut and .... in grapes.

The immune substances of the grapevine or resveratrols, which are contained in higher quantities in red wine and our matured white wines but also in lower volumes in all our wines, are especially good for the heart. The risk of heart attack is reduced, blood pressure decreases, has an anti-inflammatory effect and slows down aging. In short, wine keeps you healthy and young!
Strawberries & Wine
Regional strawberries - what could be better than enjoying regional strawberries in the summer? Exactly: There's nothing!

Whether pure, as a dessert, in ice cream, with whipped cream, in yogurt or as a side dish to the main course. Strawberries are versatile. And so is the right wine to go with them. Yes exactly, there are special and harmonizing wines to strawberries. Try our rosé "Hahn oder Henne?" with your strawberries.